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Other Features

There are many other features in the Madison System to help increase productivity and improve management of the commercial loan portfolio, such as those below.

Excel Worksheet Integration
Easily export data from the Madison System to Excel models where you can perform your own customized analysis. Import the results of the Excel analysis into the System, and then store the spreadsheet for future reference.

Operating Statements
Capture and analyze detailed operating statements for each business, property or other collateral. Use a default chart of accounts for each collateral or business type, and then modify it as required. Display reports showing multi-year operating statement histories.

Letter and Document Preparation
Avoid the need to enter the same data multiple times in many documents. Prepare documents and letters automatically that pull information from the database. Documents may include loan origination applications, letters to customers, loan committee presentations and many other documents.

Save Documents
Store any electronic file in the System such as Excel, Word, PDF, photos or maps. Avoid the need for a separate document management system to store inspection reports, collateral photographs, underwriting analysis, letters, applications, collateral valuations, and many other documents.

Document Templates
Store standard departmental templates in the System so that everyone may have access to the most up-to-date version.

Loan Filtering
Use powerful loan, collateral or borrower filters to focus on small groups of loans that may be of special interest. For example, you may want to review loans of a particular collateral type, or in particular markets, or with weak performance ratios. Do so quickly and easily with loan filters.