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Loan Review Software

Loan Review SoftwareMadison Loan Review software supports the independent loan review process – risk assessment, sample selection, custom reviews and reports. The Madison Loan Review System can be used solely by a Loan Review Department or as part of an installation for the Commercial Lending Division. Loan Review findings for each loan or borrower are entered into the System and saved for future reference. Madison Loan Review software supports sample selection and penetration analysis, recording of loan review results into fields customized for each client, as well as reporting on loan review findings and the progress on each review.

There is a strong separation between access by the Loan Review Department and the Lending Divisions. The Loan Review Department does not have permission to edit any information on the lending portfolio. The Lending Departments do not have permission to see any information that has been entered by the Loan Review Department about their evaluation of the loans that have been reviewed.


Key features of the Madison Loan Review software system include:

  • Import Loan, Collateral and Borrower Information from Core System. You can import into the Madison System all the important information about loans, collateral, and borrowers that is in your core system or other commercial loan applications. This information can then populate your loan review reports so that it does not need to be entered manually.
  • Review Credit Quality of the Commercial Loan Portfolio. After data has been imported in the step above, the Madison System allows you to evaluate the credit quality of the portfolio to identify areas of weakness that merit more careful review.
  • Sample Selection and Coverage. Use the Sample Selector to flag loans for review then quickly and easily evaluate coverage by criteria such as collateral type, market, loan officer, loan grade, loan purpose, industry, loan size, or origination office.
  • Monitor Progress and Results. Manage and report on the progress of the review. Display loans that have been reviewed and all grade changes. Identify loans that have not yet been reviewed. Share progress reports with others online or by periodic e-mail.
  • Enter and Save Loan Review Results. Save loan review results and analysis in the System so that they are available for future loan reviews.
  • Save Supporting Documents. You can save documents such as Word files, Excel files, PDFs, or any other electronic file that you want to save in conjunction with your review so that these supporting documents are permanently saved as support for your review conclusions.
  • Remote Access. Remote access to the System allows data capture in one location and analysis in another, which may reduce travel time and expense.