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Monitor Collateral & Businesses

Monitor Collateral & BusinessThe Madison System allows users to monitor detailed information about the collateral or businesses supporting loans whether the loan is a C&I loan supported by a business or a commercial real estate loan supported by real estate collateral, or whether the loan is supported by other collateral such as securities, inventory, equipment, receivables or any other collateral type. You may designate many pieces of collateral or businesses supporting a loan and the System will keep track of each separately; ratios such as LTV and DSCR areĀ based on a roll up of informationĀ for each peice of collateral or each business. You can save current and historical information as well.

Key features are listed below:

Collateral or Business Operating Statements
Save detailed operating statements including all operating statement history. Operating statements use a client-specified set of default charts of accounts that are associated with loan or collateral types. The default charts of accounts can then be modified by the user to add and delete account items.

Save all valuations of collateral with any associated supporting documents. View valuation history online. You can also save a copy of the appraisal or any other analysis that supports it in the same location that you save the collateral value.

Save historical information on all collateral inspections including all associated supporting documents.

Save historical occupancy data.

Save detailed information about collateral insurance policies Including policy information and contact information for insurance carriers and agents. Tickler reports will remind you when policies expire.

Save information about all scheduled tax payments.

Save lists of all tenants or just major tenants. This information allows users to evaluate tenant exposure by tenant, by tenant industry, by lease maturity date, or by the percent of the building occupied by the tenant.

Rent Roll
Save the date of the most recent rent roll and receive notice when a new one should be obtained from the borrower.

Construction Completion
As construction progresses on projects users can record the percent complete and save the associated engineering or other reports that document the associated completion percent.

Construction Budget
Users may save detailed information about each construction budget such as the original budget, change orders, recomputed budget, original equity from borrower, additional required equity from borrower, advances, loan balance, and remaining amount that may be advanced.

Multi-Property Loans
Record information for each property or other form of collateral that secures a loan, and automatically roll up the information to the loan.