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Comprehensive Ticklers

Track LoansThe Madison Systemâ„¢ provides comprehensive tracking of loan information. With the highly intuitive user interface and flexible reporting, it will become the one place the lending team will go to find out information about the loan portfolio.

The sophisticated Madison System database can handle all the complexity of commercial loans including fixed and floating rates, loan commitments, multi-collateral loans, cross collateralized loans, participation loans, construction loans, and many more features. And the System will save historical data so you can see how the portfolio is changing over time.

Some of the key loan tracking features captured by the System are listed below.

Financial Terms
All the key financial terms of the loan such as rate, balance, rate type, index, payment frequency, interest method, amortization period, etc., are captured in the System. Reports present the current terms for all loans, or groups of loans, in a single report. Or look at the detailed terms of one loan in a report or on a data entry page.

Activity Checklists
Loan Checklists allow users to check off all tasks that are required to be completed for a loan so that the lending team can see online what is done and what needs to be done so that users do not need to contact people by phone or email to discover this information. Reports show each officer the items that are not yet complete, listed by scheduled completion date, loan or task.

Servicing Information
Each time information in the core servicing system is changed the associated information in the Madison System is updated to maintain current, up-to-date information about the loan portfolio. Madison reports include current balance, exposure, payment, delinquency and related servicing information.

Loan Rating
A full history of all loan ratings and rating changes are saved in the Madison System with associated supporting documents for future reference. This information supports many reports such as the Loan Rating Migration report.

Loan Covenants
Loan covenants are saved in the system for future reference. Violations of certain ratios populate the Loan Covenant Violation report.

Credit Policy Exceptions
All loan policy exceptions are tracked and populate reports that display all exceptions by exception type and by loan. The System tracks the policy exception issues that you wish to track. Reports present all exceptions for each loan, or all loans for each exception.

Loan Log
The Loan Log allows users to record calling notes and other information about the loan so that it can be shared online by all members of the origination team. This module can also be used to track contacts with delinquent borrowers as well as monitoring the collection process.

Loan Escrows
Loan escrow information is also captured by the Madison System

Multiple Portfolios
You can designate various portfolio types and keep track of each separately of combined. Keep track of loan originations for the on-book portfolio, for warehouse loans, or for loans for sale, and many more. The on-book loans could have portfolios designated as permanent investments, available for sale, or investor loans, etc.

Cross Collateralized Loans
Identify and report on all cross- collateralized loans; display ratios for each loan and the crossed group.

Loan Commitments
Keep track of each loan commitment and measure the exposure for each loan. Monitor the amount advanced and the amount still available for each commitment.

Participation Loans
Each participation loan is recorded as a Purchased or Sold participation along with the participation percent. The names and parfticipation percents of other lenders may also be entered. The System will automatically reflect the participation percent in calculating ratios such as LTV, DSCR, etc.