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Configure Your System

The Madison System is configured for each client organization. The contents of pages are set as read or read/write based on client-specified user roles so that each user group can see only what they need to see to manage their responsibilities efficiently. All lists such as loan type, loan program, or collateral type are populated by client determined values. Each installation is configured so that each client is able to see and do exactly what they want to do with the Madison System.

User Roles
Each user’s ID and password grants them immediate access to the parts of the System for their business role – no need to wade through information they don’t need.

Configured to Business Practices of Each Client
The System is configured to the business terminology and practices of each client through dozens of user-specified lists such as collateral types, markets, loan officers, officers, regions, loan purposes and many more. No need to be burdened with fields or terminology that doesn’t fit your practices.

Enterprise or Departmental Installations 
This highly flexible System can be implemented as an enterprise solution or as a departmental solution. It can even be implemented for a section of a department. You choose how it can help you best.

Extensive Comment Fields
Use extensive comment fields to get enormous flexibility in capturing and reporting exactly the information you need to display.

Custom Installations
Clients may select a custom installation with reports and programming features tailored to their unique needs. Get a custom solution at far less cost than developing your own system.