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Each time clients import data from their core system they will want to reconcile totals in Madison to totals in the core. Madison helps this process in two ways.

First, if loans in the import file could not be imported, Madison provides a list of each loan, collateral or borrower that could not be imported along with the reason why it was not imported so that user can easily identify and correct import errors. When that step is done, totals in Madison should be the same as totals in the core.

Second, but that may not always be the case. The import file may not have included a loan or two that should have been in the file. Or some loans that should have been marked as paid off may not have been marked. Issues such as this give rise to reconciliation differences.

To assist in identifying the source of the difference it is useful to present lists and subtotals of loans in Madison that match similar lists and subtotals in the core. For example, most core systems have groupings of loan types that may be called class codes, minors, or other terms that signify a very granular grouping of loans. Madison often has these values in the loan category field so that reports can be grouped by loan category and then the subtotals compared to comparable subtotals in the core to discover the source of the difference. Since there is often a much small number of loans in these grouping it is much easier to identify the source of the difference.