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Windows Navigation – Find it Fast!

Windows Navigation – Find it Fast!

Overview: Here are a couple of hints about windows navigation features that can help with the Madison System or any other Windows based system.

Finding an Item in a Long List

If you are presented with a long list of items, such as a list of loans and want to find one loan, you can depress the �Control� key and the �f � key at the same time which will open a �Find� dialog box. You can type into it what you are looking for, say a loan number, and then click �Next�. The next item with that number will be highlighted on your screen.

Selecting Items from a Multiple Pick Drop Down List

There are two type of drop down lists. One allows you to select only one item from the list; this note is not about that kind of list. The other type allows you to select multiple items from the lists. To do so you can depress the control key and then put your mouse on an item to be selected and do a left click on your mouse. With the control key still depressed, put the cursor on the next item and left click again. Continue with the Control key depressed and selecting all the items you want.

If the list is long, you may need to scroll down the list to see all items in the window that displays the list items. To do so, use the scroll bar that is usually on the right side of the display box that contains the list of items. Don�t use the up and down arrows to move down the list.